Aqua Rite Pro Salt Chlorine Generator


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Part Number: AQR-PRO

Aqua Rite Pro Salt Chlorine Generator

Aqua Rite Pro AQR-PRO Controller only.

Hayward Aqua Rite Pro and the new Total Pool Chemistry system provide complete pool and spa sanitation using ordinary salt. Its extremely safe electrolytic technology uses a low-voltage electrical charge to convert a small amount of salt - approximately one teaspoon per gallon of pool water - into a virtually endless supply of fresh, pure chlorine. This environmentally friendly and self-renewing process produces enough chlorine a day to keep the pool clean, clear and luxuriously soft. And since the salt doesn't wear out or evaporate, you rarely have to add more, making Aqua Rite Pro as cost-effective as it is convenient.

Aqua Rite Pro is the industry's first integrated Total Pool Chemistry and chlorination system lets pool owners work less and play more. It automatically senses chlorine and pH levels then dispenses a self-renewing supply of fresh, pure chlorine while controlling pH. For pools with the most consistent water quality possible, water that's brilliant, soft and silky-smooth.

Aqua Rite Pro Applications:

  • Total Pool Chemistry Sense and Dispense ORP (Chlorine) and pH with
    optional Chemistry Kit (see accessories below)
  • Use multiple units for larger pool
  • Must buy also T-CELL-15 or T-CELL-9

Aqua Rite Pro Features:

  • Simple homeowner operation
  • adjust chlorine from 1 - 100%
  • The best water quality attainable
  • always crystal clear and ready for swimming
  • Soft silky feel - no more red eyes or dry skin
  • Microprocessor automates all functions
  • Digital salt display and 8 diagnostic indicators
  • Patented Turbo Cell for maximum efficiency and flow rates
  • Super chlorinate function
  • Automatically cleans the cell by periodically reversing polarity
  • Quick, weatherproof connections inside control door
  • Single unit for 120VAC/240VAC 50/60 Hz power input
  • Locking weatherproof enclosure
  • UL and CUL listed, NSF certified
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