Brilliant Wonders Waterfalls

CMP Brilliant Wonders LED Waterfalls feature Smart Sync technology. Easily synchronize multiple waterfalls and create an atmosphere of beauty, excitement, and personality in any backyard pool. Our exclusive patented design creates the best possible LED waterfall effect and makes a separate accent light source completely unnecessary.

Patented Technology

Brilliant Wonders looks amazing day and night, and can sync up to 10 total feet of waterfalls with one controller.

Smart Sync Controller

Easily synchronize multiple waterfalls with this simple to install control. The Brilliant Wonders Smart Sync LED Waterfall control will operate up to 10 linear feet of waterfalls.

Smart Sync technology is built into all new Brilliant Wonders LED products. Easily synchronize all Brilliant Wonders products together, as well as sync with other popular LED products and controls.

The Only Waterfall with the LED strip built into the unit

Building the LED right into the unit eliminates the need for a separate light source, as is common in older fiber optic waterfalls. The CMP exclusive “sawtooth” lip design churns the water like river rapids, helping the LED accent colors appear more clearly.

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