Hayward OmniLogic Spaside Remote

Hayward OmniLogic Spaside Remote
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Hayward OmniLogic Spaside remote is an ideal addition to spa builds or renovations.

Its low profile and available mudbox and colored trim rings make it simple to blend in with the setting while being fully potted protects against environment elements. The HLSPASIDE remote has 6 soft touch blue LED backlit buttons and indicators for ease of visibility and use, providing users the ability to adjust the temperature, switch between modes, turn on the lights, jets, blower or turn on a theme while enjoying the spa.

Hayward OmniLogic Spaside Remote Features:

  • Customizable: 6-Button remote allows for configurable control of spa features tailored to pool owner needs
  • Blue LED Glow: illumination makes the remote simple to see and use at night
  • Fully Potted: minimizes exposure to shock, moisture, and corrosive environmental elements
  • Low profile: to sit flush against spa surfaces
  • Mud box and trim rings allow for clean and durable installation
  • Replaceable remote overlay: Mylar graphic keeps the remote looking new and readable