Pool & Spa lighting can change your day time paradise to a night time fiesta. But with the many choices of pool lighting ranging from plain white bulbs to multicolor LEDs how can I decide what Pool Light works best for me?

Plain White Bulbs are, well do I need to say more. So let's talk about color starting with LED Bulbs. LED bulbs allow you to have many different colors and can combine them to make what they call light show. LED bulbs also last much longer than conventional bulbs. The down side is that they are not as bright as incandescent or halogen bulbs and you will need more of these lights in your pool depending on size.

Halogen Based Color Pool Lights such as Jandy Colors and the Pentair Sam Light use multiple halogen bulbs to combine colors. These lights will be a bit brighter than the LED’s, but will typically not last as long as LED bulbs.

Fiber Optic lights use a power source called an illuminator and sends light through fine optic cable to produce a warm multicolor light show around the perimeter of your pool or through streams of water. No electrical current is sent to the pool using fiber optics.