Paramount 1-Lamp Clear O3 + Ultra UV2 System - 120V

Paramount 1-Lamp Clear O3 + Ultra UV2 System - 120V

Paramount 1-Lamp Clear O3 + Ultra UV2 System - 120V
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006422000000 -- 120V 1-LAMP ULTRA UV2 + CLEAR O3 SYSTEM

Make pool time more enjoyable for everyone by swimming in safer, cleaner & healthier pool water. By using this combo of the Paramount Clear O3 ozone oxidizer & Ultra UV by Paramount you eliminate the potential of being exposed to chloramines and harmful bacteria and micro-organisms. It reduces irritation to the eyes & skin and discoloration to hair & swimsuits.

Eco-friendly and family-friendly the Paramount Clear O3 & Ultra UV cleans your pool effectively and without any harmful by-products; giving you the cleanest and healthiest pool water possible. Saving you time & money by dramatically reducing the need of chemicals by up to 80 percent. Also check out the product video tab for how these can help benefit you & your pool.

Paramount Clear O3 & Ultra UV Benefits:

  • Dramatically reduces chemical usage by up to 80%
  • Minimizes your exposure to potentially harmful chloramines and other contaminants
  • Reducing the potential for skin irritation, red eyes, and bacteria borne illness
  • Minimizes exposure to Chloramines, which have been linked to asthma and other ailments

Paramount Clear O3 Features:

  • Maximum ozone production with minimal impact to the pool equipment
  • Single unit works effectively on pools up to 55,000 gallons
  • No harmful by-products

Paramount Ultra UV Features:

  • More effective than chlorine or salt based chlorine generator
  • Up to 13,000 operating hours effective lifespan UV-C germicidal lamps
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Indoor or outdoor use