Perflex Extended-Cycle D.E. filters provide crystal clear, sparkling water at an economical price. Proven over many years, Perflex has set the standard in swimming pool filtration by incorporating the patented Flex-Tube design in combination with D.E. filter powder--the most efficient dirt remover known for pool filtration. The result is superior water clarity, extended filter cleaning cycles--and no backwashing required.

  • Easy access clamp assembly
  • Cleans pools fast -- removes even the smallest particles the first time through
  • Uses D.E. (diatomaceous earth) filter powder -- the most efficient dirt remover known for swimming pool filtration
  • Patented Flex-Tube system efficiently reuses D.E. powder and dirt mixture to form fresh cleaning surfaces
  • Exclusive bump handle activates the Flex-Tubes, causing them to instantly purge themselves of dirt and powder
  • Uniquely designed to expel any air that may be present in the system through the filtered water returning to the pool
  • Combination diffuser and lower mixing chamber specifically designed to produce a uniformed coating of D.E. on the Flex-Tubes
  • Above-ground/on-ground pools or Small in-ground pools
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