Polaris 3900

The Polaris 3900 Sport is a 100% automated pressure side pool cleaner. It attaches to a dedicated return line in your pools circulation system. The force of the filtered water that is being pumped back into the pool is what powers its three jets. The Polaris 3900 Sport requires its own booster pump and its own dedicated return line to the pool. Operating with a booster pump, the Polaris 3900 Sport acts as a roving return line in the pool, distributing clean, filtered water throughout the pool while cleaning. The 3900 Sport will vacuum, sweep and scrub the bottom and walls of any size or shape in-ground pool, be it gunite, fiberglass or vinyl-lined, all in supreme style.

Polaris 3900 Sport Features Include:

  • PosiDrive System - Polaris 3900 Sport is an all wheel driven cleaner. The Stainless Steel drive chain provides the most reliable and efficient drive transfer available.
  • Wide Trax Tires - Wide Trax tires provide superior torque transfer resulting in aggressive wall climbing.
  • Improved torque - 50% more torque drives cleaner out of tight difficult areas.
  • Optimized Vacuum Power – With the most vacuum power of any 3-jet Polaris cleaner. The Polaris 3900 Sport venturi vacuum system creates 40 GPM of additional pool filtration through the filter bag. This results in a clearer body of water.
  • Twist Release Bag Design – New twist-release bag connection and fully zippered access to pockets makes cleaning simple and improves durability. A 5 liter capacity bag means less cleaning required.
  • Sporty and Sleek body design sets a new standard in the Automatic Pool Cleaner category.
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