Pool Safety

Pool Alarms can be utilized in a number of ways. Placed on a gate, they can alert an adult to unauthorized access to the pool area. Other pool alarms detect motion on the pool surface, notifying you if someone takes a dip without your knowledge.

Safety Fencing around the pool area is one of the best ways to protect small children. For maximum effectiveness, make sure the fence is 5 feet tall, and that there are no objects near the fence to allow a child access into the pool area. Gates that are self-closing and self-latching are a must, and make sure that the latch is inaccessible to a child.

Pool Covers can do more than protect your pool from dirt, leaves, and the elements. Pool covers can effectively close your pool when it is not in use, locking children out of the pool. Be careful to remove any standing water that might accumulate on the pool cover surface, as this water can pose a danger to small children. Click here to view Pool Covers

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PoolGuard Pool Alarm with Remote Receiver In Ground
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PoolGuard Door Alarm
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Vac Alert Safety Vacuum Release System(Submerged Valve)
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Pentair ESO2 Shut-Off Switch w/ Alarm
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Hayward Pool Cleaner Vac Lock
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