Robotic cleaners are powered by low-voltage electricity, rather than your pool pump or a booster pump. Since your pump runs less, your energy costs are reduced. Plus, their built-in filter further reduces use of your pool's primary filtration system lowering energy costs even more, extending the life of both your pump and filter, and increasing the amount of time between filter cleanings. Robotic cleaners are also convenient, you just plug it in and place it in your pool. Some even have remote controls so you can steer the unit from a lounge chair for easy spot cleaning!

Pentair Prowler Features:

  • Powerful vacuum action removes fine particles and larger debris.
  • Internal filtration system removes contaminants and bacteria as small as two microns.
  • No installation, no booster pump, no hoses, and fully automatic.
  • Reduces your filtration system’s run time up to 25%.
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