UltraPure Ozone Generator Pools UPP15 to 15K Gals. 240v

UltraPure Ozone Generator Pools UPP15 to 15K Gals. 240v

UltraPure Ozone Generator Pools UPP15 to 15K Gals. 240v
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The UltraPure Automatic Water Cleaner is an Ozone Generator that delivers the most powerful oxidizer available to pool & spa water. When Ozone is introduced, it automatically removes or alters bather waste as water circulates. This continuous, preventative non-Chlorine shock treatment lowers Chlorine demand and virtually eliminates expensive specialty chemicals, scum lines, and periodic shock treatments. This oxidation treatment results in longer filter runs while producing polished, crystal-clear water.

How the UltraPure works:

When the pool pump is on, ambient air containing oxygen (O2) is drawn across our exclusively designed ultraviolet tube(s). The ultraviolet emissions break apart oxygen molecules into individual oxygen atoms. These atoms combine with other oxygen molecules to form ozone (O3).

The ozonated air is pulled into the pool pump using the suction created by the impeller. The compressive force provided within the pump creates tiny bubbles of ozonated air. The ozone is drawn from the air into the water and allowed to work in the filter and return lines. The ozone breaks down organic compounds (lotions, oils, sweat, urine, etc.), eliminating them from the water.

Since the only element added by the ozone generator is oxygen, no obnoxious compounds are created (like chloramines), and many by-products simply 'gas-off'.

UltraPure Ozone generation creates:

  • A nature fresh bottled-water swimming experience
  • Cost savings, fewer chemicals & less maintenance
  • Extended life of pool equipment & longer filter runs
UltraPure ozonated water offers:
  • No red eyes or skin irritation
  • No "chlorine" allergic reaction
  • No after use showers, shampoos or skin moisturizers
  • No "chlorine" smell
  • No green hair
  • Simply crystal clear, healthy and often "azure" blue water