Universal ColorLogic

Hayward's Universal ColorLogic is the first automated color changing pool light that can spectacularly illuminate nearly any existing pool or spa with vibrant color. Specifically designed to deliver beautiful, rich colors and exciting shows to pools limited by a single light. More lights? More brilliant, saturated color. Let your pool and spa set the theme for your party no matter what the holiday! Pool parties are now more fun and intimate evenings are more inspired.

And now Hayward's design is UL listed to retrofit the vast majority of today's pools. They'll easily and safely fit virtually any lighting niche in just about any pool, no matter when or where it was installed.

Universal ColorLogic patent pending LED lights are 100% brighter than any other color LED pool light. It's optimized TIR optic casts and keeps more light throughout the entire pool. Now it comes standard with 10 vibrant colors and 7 programmed light shows to choose from, more when used with Hayward Pro Logic Controls. You can even install these pool and spa lights as close as 4 inches from the waterline to light even the shallowest areas. Transform your backyard into a color oasis with Hayward's Universal ColorLogic LED lighting.

Hayward Universal ColorLogic Pool and Spa lights are available for two primary means of control; they can be controlled by simply toggling your standard light switch or by using your remote control. Networked models are designed for advanced orchestration and control when used with our Pro Logic controller and when using Pro Logic, it allows you to customize color shows with speed, motion and 101 colors. All lights ship with Smooth White and Silver Luster Starburst trim rings. Additional rings to match your pool and spa are also available in White Starburst, Faux Chrome, Black, Blue, Beige and Gray. Easily convert your 120V lighting system to low voltage using our transformer/J-Box retrofit kit available for the most popular J-Boxes. If you are planning for multi-light installations, the Hayward 300 watt transformer is the cost-effective solution for these new construction projects.