Hayward ColorLogic Light Controller

Hayward ColorLogic Light Controller

Hayward ColorLogic Light Controller
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The Hayward ColorLogic Light Controller puts the power of colorful, customizable low-voltage Hayward ColorLogic LED lighting at your fingertips. Choose the perfect color option for your pool and backyard from right inside your home using the convenient dial and preview window. As the only wall controller that can be easily installed into an existing light switch, the Hayward ColorLogic Light Controller makes it simpler than ever to see your pool, spa and landscaping in a whole new light. Experience unparalleled color, control and convenience - choose the Hayward ColorLogic Light Controller for your backyard.

Hayward ColorLogic Light Controller Features:

  • The Hayward ColorLogic Light Controller lets you easily turn your Hayward ColorLogic pool, spa and backyard lights on or off with the push of a button or set a timer or schedule to do so automatically.
  • With the Hayward ColorLogic Light Controller’s sleek, simple design, you can instantly view and choose from 10 beautiful fixed colors and 7 color-changing light shows.
  • An innovative preview window on the controller lets you preview the color or show beforehand, or if your pool is not in your line of sight, giving you a simplified level of control over your backyard ambiance.
  • The Hayward ColorLogic Light Controller is the only lighting controller that retrofits easily into an existing light switch, so it’s easier to install than any other controller on the market.*
  • For indoor or protected outdoor use. For outdoor installations, a UL approved outdoor rated box will be required.

*If retrofitting in an existing light switch, gang box must be a minimum of 14 cubic inches / 2.75 inches deep.

This product ONLY works with:

  • Hayward Universal ColorLogic 12V LED Pool Light
  • Hayward Universal ColorLogic 12V LED Spa Light
  • Hayward ColorLogic 320, 160, 80, 40 12V LED Lights