SRSmith Treo LED 12v Swimming Pool Light 80' Cord

SRSmith Treo LED 12v Swimming Pool Light 80' Cord

SRSmith Treo LED 12v Swimming Pool Light 80' Cord
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12VAC, 5 watt complete underwater LED light assembly with 80′ of low voltage cord. Color Light, 4 trim rings – white, black, beige and gray.

This design provides outstanding illumination qualities, eliminating the end shadow effect common with other pool lights. The FirberStars Treo LED  Light is available with a 50,000 hour color change LED array that has six lock-able colors and two color change modes. It will color synchronize with the Light Streams series of water features making it a great value in the growing family of 12VAC products by Fiberstars. This family of high performance, low power consumption lighting products can be wirelessly controlled by the Fiberstars 12V Power Centers.

FirberStars Treo LED Features:

  • No Earth Bonding Required
  • Non-Leak Lens Water Seal (No polycarbonate materials used for seal)
  • Color Changing Digital Array
  • 50,000 hour Lamp Life
  • Color lock on six different colors
  • Two color change modes
  • Retrofits most existing fiber installations
  • Installs into Standard 1.5” wall fittings
  • Even Light Distribution
  • Unique flexible lens (adapts to extreme temps)
  • Wide Beam Spread eliminates end shadow
  • Color synchs with Light Streams products
  • Encapsulated Cable Terminations eliminates external cable and water seal heat caused deterioration